Product News - Reel Rotator

Heavy reels no problem!

The Reel Rotator from Interthor Inc.  lifts and rotates reels of up to 1,100 lbs

The Danish manufacturer of material handling equipment, Logitrans A/S (parent company of Interthor Inc.), now introduces a Reel Rotator! The perfect choice when transporting, lifting and rotating heavy reels with a large diameter.

“It is hard, uncomfortable and often impossible to lift and rotate reels without help – and many enquiries have now led us to develop the Reel Rotator. The Reel Rotator makes it possible to solve every imaginable reel handling situation”, says Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at Logitrans A/S.

The new Reel Rotator from Interthor Inc. is compact, very manoeuvrable and ensures the user ergonomically correct working conditions. The gripping arms have rubber-covered gripping pads to achieve the largest friction and to ensure a gentle grip. The Reel Rotator can handle soft as well as hard reels up to an impressive 49” in diameter.

“When handling heavy reels, dangerous situations might occur! We have therefore put high focus on safety, when developing the Reel Rotator”, says Gitte Kirkegaard. “None of the models can open the gripping arms by mistake, and the reels can only be released, when placed on the floor or on a pallet. On models with electric rotation, it is only possible to rotate the reels when the gripping arms will not collide with the floor or legs”.

“The Reel Rotator is a welcome help for everybody who needs to lift, carry and rotate heavy reels. It protects back, shoulders and arms and makes it possible to avoid inconvenient lifting when handling heavy reels”, Gitte Kirkegaard ends the interview.

Product News - Reel Rotator