New Reel Lifter

Reels positioned ”in complicated places” are handled by new Interthor Reel Lifter

When different reels, e.g. foil reels, paper reels, or cylinders, are to be positioned in unwinders, packing or production machines, the space is often limited around or under the machine. The reels are often placed inside the machine, where the maneuverability is limited. Positioning of the reels is difficult and hard for the operator.

”Many customers have asked us to find a solution for this application situation, and we have therefore developed a Reel Lifter with compact overall measurements and high maneuverability. With the Reel Lifter, reels can be taken the last steps into e.g. an unwinder so that the operator easily can position the reel into the machine”, says Jesper Jorgensen, VP at Interthor.

The Reel Lifter is the perfect partner for the Interthor Reel Rotator, which can take a reel from e.g. a pallet, rotate it and place it on the Reel Lifter. The Reel Lifter transports the reel to the machine and positions it gently in the right place. It is also a perfect match for anybody using a forklift reel turning attachment.

”Our Reel Lifter makes it much more safe and ergonomically correct to position reels ”in complicated places”. It handles reel diameters up to Ø50” mm and reel lengths up to 20,5””, Jesper Jorgensen ends the interview.

New Reel Lifter