Met en avant les conditions de travail de l'utilisateur... (anglais)

The electric highlifter is here used by Thorn, global quality supplier for indoor, outdoor and airfield lighting projects.

Thorn uses the highlifter to transport finished products and components between the working stations and to lift the goods up to an ergonomically correct working height.
The company puts focus on the working conditions of the employees; the company wants to protect back, arms and shoulders of the employees and optimise their work satisfaction.

Important reasons for using the electric highlifter:

  • With only one truck the operator can transport and lift products
  • Ergonomically optimum work situation
  • High efficiency at the workplace
  • Satisfied employees
  • Less days lost through sickness
  • Optional extras, e.g. level control, which automatically maintains an ergonomic working height
  • Options between various fork lengths up to 2000 mm
  • Optimum product safety
  • Also available with manual lifting
  • Low maintenance costs and a long operating life